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Squash comes home – but do we care?

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) just announced the sanctioning of two major (M50 and W25 Level) squash events in Pakistan. The events will be held in Islamabad and they are expected to be the largest squash events in Pakistan. This is a ray of hope for squash in Pakistan, which before the retirement of Jansher Khan used to be one of the most widely celebrated and played sports in our country. Once upon a time, squash had an organised infrastructure for its development within Pakistan and for the nurturing of aspiring talented players. However, as of recent, the level of the game has gone down as ...

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Pakistani squash: Lack of infrastructure and no recognition, yet a great performance

Pakistan’s junior Squash team recently won the World Junior Squash Championship, held in Poland. Abbas Shaukat, Ahsan Ayyaz and Israr Ahmed led Pakistan to victory with Pakistan winning two of its three matches against Egypt in the final. It is Pakistan’s fifth title in World Junior Squash Championship.Photo: Tumblr I am, much like any other squash enthusiast in Pakistan, exhilarated by this news. Pakistan winning the Squash Junior Championship title after years of being beaten consecutively by the same opponent is definitely news worth celebrating. Undoubtedly, the efforts of the trio and their coach must be appreciated and ...

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