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Imran Khan wins America

It was a Sunday night and Washington’s large Capital One Arena was packed. But it wasn’t packed for basketball or a music concert; it was 20,000 people who came to listen to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. It was at this moment when on a cultural level, decades of mistrust and bad blood between Pakistan and the United States (US) evaporated. Prior to the formation of Imran’s government, Pakistan’s prime ministers were the kind of people who could only fill large public squares at home by mobilising a network of bribery and patronage. Such politicians could not attract any great ...

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Will America ever be able to shatter that glass ceiling?

What was Hillary Clinton’s major downfall; the Benghazi issue, Clinton Foundation allegations or the email scandal? Or was it the most inane yet detrimental factor; her gender? As fragile as a glass ceiling may sound, America proved it’s the toughest ceiling to break through. To what extent sexism shaped the 2016 election would be impossible to gauge through statistics. But these elections proved to be a testament to the fact that men can get away with sexist and misogynistic slurs, even in the 21st century. In 1996, during an interview, Clinton was questioned about whether the American people were ready to accept a first lady with headstrong opinions and ...

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Kashmir: Battling floods and false-reporting by the Indian media

Kashmir is battling the worst of times in its living memory. A flood that has inundated half of the valley is causing unimaginable devastation, yet the hyper-nationalist and jingoistic Indian media has made the so-called rescue operations by its army the centre of its attention and coverage. “Army and air force are risking their own lives to save lives in #JKfloods. Separatists who have only abused the fauj should feel chastened now,” tweeted the cheerleader of India’s broadcast media Barkha Dutt. Army & Air Force are risking their own lives to save lives in #JKfloods. Separatists who have only abused the Fauj should ...

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