Stories about paintings

Living in a mental asylum, fighting the darkness within

When I was about five or six-years-old, I did something I am deeply ashamed of. It is the most shameful act I have ever committed, and even recalling it makes me shudder. It’s something that I have never confessed to anyone before. It was recess time in school and all the kids were playing. I stood somewhere in the middle of the sandy ground and looked around for pebbles. I was just fascinated by their shapes and sizes, and was excited to be examining the ants alongside them. I picked up a pebble and all of a sudden an idea ...

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Remembering Vincent Van Gogh on his 162nd birthday

Vincent Van Gogh once said,  “I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say ‘he feels deeply, he feels tenderly’.” Today, his name needs no formal introduction. Everyone has heard of the 19th century iconic Dutch painter who established two significant artistic movements – Fauvism and Expressionism. He was the mastermind behind unrivalled, stunning masterworks such as The Potato Eaters (1885), The Red Vineyard (1888), Irises (1889), The Starry Night, and Wheat-field With Crows (1890). The Potato Eaters. Source: Van Gogh Gallery The Red Vineyard. Source: Van Gogh Gallery Irises. Source: Van Gogh Gallery Starry Night. Source: Van ...

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