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Between the buns: A brief history of Karachi’s love affair with burgers

Armed with a hundred bucks and an appetite to match, a bunch of school kids still in uniform converge on their favourite burger joint on Karachi’s Boat Basin. Even before walking in, a distinct aroma fills their nostrils; the perfect way to kick off the weekend on a hot Thursday afternoon. After placing their order, they wait on remarkably uncomfortable chairs and pass time by discussing the classroom cutie. Soon, food arrives. Drenched wrappers are torn off and the first bite sends them on a short trip to burger heaven. As long as Karachiites from my generation can remember, there have been ...

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Burger Inc: The new and improved Mr Burger?

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at Mr Burger (the boat basin outlet), thinking ‘What went wrong?’ Mr Burger was once the most popular, rather the only recognised burger place in Karachi. I say ‘recognised’ because while Hanifia and Chips were contenders, the gap between their demand and Mr Burger’s demand was huge. Of course there were the occasional diehard Chips fans, who Mr Burger lovers looked down upon thinking to themselves, “Hmph… What do they know about taste?” Anybody who grew up in Karachi in the 90s would know what I am talking about. But then, McDonalds, KFC and other international fast food chains raided ...

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