Stories about obsessive compulsive disorder

Friends versus How I Met Your Mother: Friends for the win!

There is always that one TV series that you become addicted to and when that series comes to an end you have absolutely no idea what you’ll do for that specific one hour of your life anymore. Friends was that one comedy series for me. Although I didn’t watch the show from the first episode of the first season, I was hooked onto it as soon as I started following it. And even now, almost 10 years after the last season of Friends ended, I still watch some episodes whenever I get the chance. I know for a fact that even though Friends ended in 2004, all ...

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Living with Misophonia

‘What’s that awful ticking noise?’ ‘Who’s tapping their feet on the floor?’ ‘Why can’t people eat without making that annoying chomping sound?’ ‘You sip your tea, you don’t slurp it.’ ‘Make it stop. Make it STOP!’ ‘I’ll punch that person so hard. I’ll kill him.’ ‘I need to run. Run. Now!’ Too intense for you? Well, this is what a person suffering from Misophonia is thinking nearly all the time. The question arises, but why? And what is this disease? Misophonia is a neurological disorder, in which a person feels anxiety, and even rage in response to certain sounds, which may be loud or soft, and are very common. It is also termed ...

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Unwillingly obsessed

Amir* is an A’ Level student. Today is the 24th of the month and also his birthday. He has turned 18 today but does not remember the last time he was happy and not aggravated by someone or something. It’s not his fault that he is black and blue but people do not recognise this. He is active and healthy around people but also absent at the same time – internally absent. He refers to his ‘problem’ as the ‘black dog’. His family is getting ready to celebrate his birthday, but Amir has confined himself to his room. He is checking the floor, ...

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