Stories about Novac Djokovic

Is Roger Federer the greatest player of all time?

In 1998, at Gstaad, a 16-year-old Roger Federer appeared for a press conference with a toothless grin on his face, thus making his professional debut into the tennis world. However, little did the world know that this was the first of many press conferences that the Swiss player would be a part of. Federer had already showed signs of belonging at the highest level by winning the Wimbledon boys singles and doubles title before heading for the Swiss Open. Photo: Getty From the outset, Federer wanted to make this game his own but the beginning of his tennis career was not ...

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Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win: Here comes the Son

So it has finally happened. A Brit has lifted the silver trophy so ardently desired but so out of reach for his fellow countrymen. Churchill is crowing in his grave, the ravens at the Tower of London are dancing in their flight, General Montgomery may just give that famous half-cocked grin, the statue of Nelson at Trafalgar Square seems to be smiling, the unborn future Prince of Wales gave an almighty kick to his bonneted mummy, and the Blessed Isles of the Romans look to be deserving of their epithet.  Andy Murray, perennial bridesmaid to the Federer, Nadal and Djokovic ...

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