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Twitter is to Donald Trump what fidget spinners are to millennials

The priorities of a leader, particularly in times of crisis, tend to speak volumes about their leadership skills. In today’s political climate, where social media dictates public image, leaders like Justin Trudeau are appreciated for eating biryani with Muslim communities, while leaders like Vladimir Putin, who is regularly pictured hunting or exercising, are derided for trying to sell an image of machismo. In the past several weeks, the US has been severely impacted by two Category 5 hurricanes, with experts believing the devastation to have set Puerto Rico back nearly 20 to 30 years. At the same time, the US was also involved in a verbal war ...

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Will Andrew Luck be able to deliver the Lombardi Trophy to the city of Indianapolis?

One of the biggest, if not the biggest deal, in NFL history has been put to paper. Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has signed a gargantuan deal worth $123 million over the course of the next five years, which will help him stay put in Indianapolis until at least 2021. The bigger and more perplexing question which arises is: Is Luck capable enough to lead the Colts to the chosen land? New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (87) scores a touchdown against Indianapolis Colts cornerback Vontae Davis (21) at Lucas Oil Stadium. New England defeated ...

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