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Clarice Lispector’s Complete Stories will grab you by the throat and compel you to read on

For me, the greatest discovery of 2015 was the work of Clarice Lispector, a deceased Brazilian writer whose marvellous stories have been compiled and published posthumously in this stunning new collection. And after reading the whimsical, electrifying and dizzying 85 short stories in this book, it is impossible to recommend this outstanding, austere writer strongly enough; for me, reading her work felt like discovering some long lost sister of Jorge Luis Borges. In Complete Stories we witness the emergence of a significant Latin-American writer, and a prose stylist of the highest order, one who was mostly overlooked in her time. Clarice Lispector’s collection ...

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Looking for organic pizzas tailored to your taste? Place your bets on Pizza Roulette!

Pizza is quickly becoming Pakistan’s go-to-food for hunger pangs. Initially starting with the presence of outlets such as Pizza Hut, the industry has become considerably more Pakistani-centric with local startups such as 14th Street Pizza and New Yorker becoming household names. The focus has gone from a quick bite to artisan pizzas, brimming with top quality ingredients and unique flavours. One such novel idea is being introduced by Pizza Roulette, an eatery which focuses on natural, organic pizzas tailored to the local palette of Islamabad/Rawalpindi. I had the recent pleasure of visiting the place in Bahria Town Phase four, where it’s located next to Frosty Café. As soon ...

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He was just a kid who made a clock, America

It has been 14 years since the Twin Towers in New York City were attacked – 2977 Americans died that day and thousands were injured. Soon after, the United States of America launched a full-scale offensive against al Qaeda in Afghanistan, under the name of ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’. That operation lasted 13 years. American forces invaded Iraq as well, for around a decade.  Twenty thousand civilians and 6,000 security personnel have perished since 2003 in Pakistan. A grand total of 210,000 civilians have died, once you include the staggering numbers from Afghanistan and Iraq. Women, children, and unarmed men. What number is enough to stop calling it ‘collateral damage’? But ...

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