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I don’t want to make New Year’s resolutions

With the start of 2011, everyone all over the world is busy finalising their resolutions for the new year and assessing their efforts at accomplishing, or perhaps failing, to meet their goals for the previous one. In my opinion, New Year resolutions may not be such a great idea for the people of Pakistan. The reason is clear and simple. Every morning, many of us leave for office, children leave for school, college or university, not knowing whether we will reach our destination safely or even return home safe and sound. Even those who stay at home fear for their loved ...

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In the commune: New Year’s resolutions

We all know that resolutions are easier to make than keep but that certainly doesn’t stop most of us from making a commitment to change ourselves for the better every new year. Whether your resolution is to lose weight, make a career move, or get a make over all it boils down to one thing – becoming a better person. So put out out that cigarette, get on that treadmill or pick up the phone – make a change in 2011! We asked Tribune bloggers what New Year’s resolutions they have made for the upcoming year. Ali Syed My new year ...

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2010: The year my mother didn’t die

The eve of a new year brings hope and the promise of positive expectations to all. There is a chance to believe in dreams again. A hope that the resolutions left unfulfilled last year may finally be achieved in the new one. I was also excited about the year 2010. It would be the year when I would go back to my beloved Pakistan after completing my higher education in the UK. I was excited about meeting my family and rediscovering my home city , Lahore from the eyes of someone who has been away from home for so long ...

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