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Well Hello there, Adele: Play, relate, repeat

For most people, when it comes to crowning a contemporary pop music diva, there are fewer choices other than Beyonce and Taylor Swift. Or maybe even Lady Gaga. But for me, there has always been only one contemporary pop-queen and she very recently launched her new single, Hello. Adele is that one singer in recent past about whom I have rarely ever heard a negative comment. People are either in love with her or are indifferent to her – but no one hates her. And even those who are indifferent can’t help but increase the volume whenever her songs come on the radio or ...

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Nokia Lumia smartphones: A strong comeback!

On the morning of September 5, Nokia and Microsoft unveiled the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 smartphones -the new flagship models running Windows Phone 8 operating system. The presentation wasn’t as amazing as those we are used to seeing at Apple events. The phones, however, surpassed all expectations. I believe that these two models, along with the upcoming tablet from Nokia, will mark the revival of Nokia and here are just a few reasons I believe so. Top three key differentiators : 1. Photography: Don’t bother about the megapixels; they don’t really matter. The main camera of ...

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