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Looking for a place to binge eat this Ramazan? #ETBlogsPicks the best places for iftar and sehri in Karachi

Are Ramazan cravings getting to you? Is the heat too much to bear? Every year in Ramazan, most of us score through the numerous iftari and sehri deals, hoping that this year, we’ll find that one place that meets all our desires. The struggle is way too real, we know. But don’t worry. Craving pizza? We know just the place. Feeling like a Bruce Bogtrotter and cake moment? We know where you can indulge. This year, we’ve come up with what we think are the best places for iftari and sehri. They’ve got pizzas, they’ve got waffles, and they’ve got paneer reshmi. They ...

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The Karachi Eat Food Festival kicked the Sindh Festival out of the park!

The Karachi Eat Food Festival (KEFF) was probably the event of the decade, at least for Karachi. In spite of so much chaos, paranoia and terror around, the brave Karachiites queued up for two spectacular days of culinary delights at this festival of its own kind. The opening day kicked off in a rather sluggish style with delays on part of the participating vendors which was a bit disappointing for the visitors. However, as things started to settle, the event saw civilised and cultured people, men and women, young and old, visiting the two-day food fest and spending some quality time with ...

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