Stories about National Accountability Bureau

Could Kamran Faisal’s death have been prevented?

Kamran Faisal, an official of National Accountability Bureau (NAB), allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling of his hostel room a few days ago. His family and colleagues have refused to accept his death as a suicide, terming it a ‘premeditated murder’. A number of texts, which he sent a few days before his death to his friends have been leaked to the media; these reveal his concerns for his personal safety. Sources reveal one text message that chillingly captures his frustration and dilemma with the pressure tactics employed by senior officials of NAB: “DG HR want affidavit in back date ...

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Robbing the people

Despite a lapse of several years and despite the country’s apex court having taken several suo motu notices (of various cases), corruption as well as cheating the public at large continues. Also, by and large, several cases are pending with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and there seems to be little progress on them. Ordinary citizens expect NAB and the FIA to do their jobs and ensure that those involved in such cases are convicted and that at least some of the money embezzled from the national exchequer is duly returned. The major cases of alleged corruption ...

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NAB dilemma: A jury of my peers

The National Accountability Bureau is the government’s solution to fighting corruption. It is a federal executive agency of the Government of Pakistan and is vulnerable to all the same diseases that have been plaguing the government because of its inherent nature. The Human Rights Watch world review of 2007 said “The government continues to use the National Accountability Bureau and a host of anti-corruption and sedition laws to keep in jail or threaten political opponents.” That was then and not much has changed now. But what do they know; they are just one of the world’s leading independent organisations dedicated to defending ...

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