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I was 6 when I was sexually abused, repeatedly, in my ‘safe space’

I am a person who is currently in his early 40’s. When I was around six-years-old, I was sexually abused, repeatedly. This is my story. At the outset, I would like to acknowledge that the inspiration to write this blog came from Nadia Jamil, the famous television actress who last year revealed the harrowing abuse she had suffered as a youngster. I, however, do not have the courage to disclose my identity or to publicly share my ordeal as she did. So by no stretch of the imagination am I trying to emulate her. She is much braver and a far ...

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Dear Nadia Jamil, you cannot support Meesha Shafi and stand by Ali Zafar at the same time

Every Pakistani is familiar with Nadia Jamil. Her Twitter bio describes her as an activist, amongst many other roles, and thus far her activism on social issues, particularly child sexual abuse, has garnered her many admirers. She can also be described as a feminist, by her own admission of what she understands feminism to be. Feminism to me is equal opportunity and equal respect ✊ — Nadia Jamil (@NJLahori) April 23, 2018 I have a lot of wonderful friends who are men. If feminist means believing men & women are equal,have equal rights 2 equal opportunity & RESPECT, have the ...

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