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145 school shooting cases and lax gun control laws – When will the US learn?

Thursday, October 1st was a horrific day in the US as it witnessed its 145th educational campus shooting of 2015. In the worst of the 17 college campus shootings of the year, 26-year-old Chris Mercer shot and killed 10 students and wounded nine others of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. In the ensuing police shootout, Mercer himself was killed. As the country scrambled, yet again, to figure out who exactly is accountable, President Barack Obama not only placed the blame squarely on ineffectual gun control laws but also expressed his frustration at being hand-tied in a GOP-run congress that leaves him unable to take firmer measures. The ...

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Do Facebook friendships mean anything at all?

OK, let’s accept it. We are all addicted to social networking sites, especially Facebook, in one way or another. Social networking has not only altered the way we live, it has also changed our relationships and interactions with each other. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Foursquare, Yahoo 360 and many other social networking sites are the projectors of our self image and define our relationships. The pages we ‘like’, the groups we join, our activities and interests, the thoughts we choose to share on Facebook – all work to make us a part of a subculture that is still in its infancy, ...

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