Stories about Muslims in Rohingya

Why Israel is pushing for Pakistan and India to go to war

On February 27th, Israeli news publication Haaretz reported that India’s Air Force had used Israeli-made bombs in its recent Line of Control (LoC) violation against Pakistan, citing local news websites which had been briefed by Indian security sources. The reports allege that ‘five Mirage jets armed with Israeli-made Spice 2000 smart missiles attacked what New Delhi says was a terrorist training camp’ in Pakistan. While quietly hidden by the mainstream media, it actually transpires that Israel is a key weapons supplier to the Indian Army, with its current relationship estimated at approximately a billion dollars each year. In fact, India has ...

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Ode to the Muslims of Burma

I saw some godly men, In trance they lined and took their turn. Rose ye all from slumber when, They’d left in haste, ye houses burned.   Now curse thee men that left this trail, And woe, in silence, we let it be. Sans shame we push the coffins nailed, Sought shade beneath a lifeless tree.   Whose child was it that embraced the seas? Thy lament seems spent in certain vain. Some alive in midst of cries and pleas, Most lay stone cold, turned free of ...

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