Stories about Muhammad Hussain

From slaps and shakedowns to metal rods and death, the evolution of corporal punishment

This new year has been a horrific one for the children of Pakistan so far. Days after the brutal murder of little Zainab, nine-year-old Muhammad Hussain’s Quran teacher beat him with a metal rod so badly that the boy died. Unshaken and unrepentant, the teacher has since justified the murder as a simple case of a teacher disciplining his pupil that accidentally went horribly wrong. This is the Mullah who beat an 8-year-old student Muhammad Hussain to death at a Madrassa in Karachi's Bin Qasim Town — Bilal Farooqi (@bilalfqi) January 22, 2018 Most of us still have memories of the slaps ...

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A military affair

Just three days before Muhammad Hussain walked his last steps to the gallows, The Express Tribune ran a report on the undeclared moratorium on executions in Pakistan. Since the incumbent government came into power in March 2008, it has been suspending executions without actually ever announcing a ban or its intentions of repealing the death penalty. Nonetheless, the unsaid change in policy was still appreciated by rights organisation and those on the death row and their families. We focused on the dangers of having capital punishment in a country with a weak criminal justice system and the government’s inability to change the ...

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