Stories about Muammar Qaddafi

Will Benjamin Netanyahu’s drama over Iran ever end?

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu is a drama queen like no other. His song and dance reminds one of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s histrionics or Muammar Qaddafi’s menopausal approach to digress into the mundane – never addressing what matters the most. There is no right way to explain Bibi’s behaviour, but he is a typical opportunist, an attention seeker, a sensationalist – one who excels in the art of tomfoolery and throwing tantrums. His popularity, even amongst the greatest of his supporters, is on the decline because he is a power-hungry predator trying to gain political mileage from situations that normally wouldn’t be termed ‘momentous’ enough be blown out of proportion. Bibi skilfully ...

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From Osama to Qaddafi: Grieving for the rest of the world

Pakistanis are one of the most compassionate nations in the world, it seems, for whenever anyone dies anywhere in the Muslim world, a group of Pakistanis will gather to pray for the departed soul. However, there is a special requirement to qualify to be prayed for in Pakistan: you must have killed and tortured thousands and be recognised as a tyrant the world over. A case in point is that of al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, for whom not only funerals in absentia were organised, University of Punjab students even held a competition to pay tribute to ‘Sheikh Osama’. Admittedly ...

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