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Attack in Islamabad: Where did the Pakistan I grew up in go?

How many deaths will it take for our government to wake up and realise that our country is doomed if they don’t wipe out these terrorist groups once and for all? The recent attack in Islamabad sent shivers down my spine. My wife used to go to the katcheri (lower/district court) regularly to get documents attested just a few months ago. My younger sibling’s school is in F-8, not too far away from where the blast took place. I know I sound selfish at the moment thinking about what could have been, considering the dozen lives that were lost the other day. My heart goes out to the families ...

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Burger Inc: The new and improved Mr Burger?

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at Mr Burger (the boat basin outlet), thinking ‘What went wrong?’ Mr Burger was once the most popular, rather the only recognised burger place in Karachi. I say ‘recognised’ because while Hanifia and Chips were contenders, the gap between their demand and Mr Burger’s demand was huge. Of course there were the occasional diehard Chips fans, who Mr Burger lovers looked down upon thinking to themselves, “Hmph… What do they know about taste?” Anybody who grew up in Karachi in the 90s would know what I am talking about. But then, McDonalds, KFC and other international fast food chains raided ...

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