Stories about motherhood

What the **** did you just say?

Every family has different rules for their children and mine is no different. One of the most important rules is that no rude words are allowed to be spoken in our house. To my surprise, my kids eagerly follow this rule. If they hear a new word, they always ask me whether it is bad. The other day, both my kids came up to me and said “Mama, are we allowed to say ‘what the ****?” When I asked where they had heard these words, they told me they hear them everywhere. They told me that even the kids in their class use this ...

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Money 101: All women need a job

Happy Women’s Day everyone! I am amazed at how the Pakistani woman has evolved in the last 20 years. Away from the land of saas bahu TV shows, she is well aware of her rights and will not be intimidated by male co-workers. In fact, she is most likely to outperform them and get that promotion! Our mothers fought for options – so that we could choose between staying at home or going out to work. But I feel that it is compulsory for every woman to have some form of part-time, flexible hours work, even if it is not the 9 to ...

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Mommy in the boardroom

“So what do you do” is one of the most common introductory questions strangers will ask each other attempting to build an acquaintanceship. In the last three years ever since I have returned from college with fresh ideas on how to change the world I have received a lot of interesting answers – ranging from the usual doctors and bankers to the now increasingly common development specialists and cupcake makers! And given that I am in my late 20s these replies have been matched with the same number of “I have a two year old so I am really ...

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