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Lack of emotion and recycled jokes fail to elevate Despicable Me 3 from a cartoon to an animated film

Despicable Me 3 is the latest entry in the hugely successful Despicable Me franchise. And although the last two prequels have done well in regards to delivering good humour, fun characters and enjoyable set-pieces, the latest release falls short of being even slightly good. The latest film follows the now-reformed Gru (Steve Carell), who still works for the Anti-Villain League. His failure to apprehend the new baddie, Balthazar Brat (voiced by South Park’s Trey Parker) – a child star from the 80s who is seeking world domination because of the pre-mature cancellation of his show – leads to him being fired from the Anti-Villain league. Furthermore, ...

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Is Minions subtly promoting misogyny?

Disclaimer: This is not a movie review, as I’m not a movie critic. It started with the need to have minions at my beck and call 24/7. Never ending work, without a break, and lack of readily available home help had led to a frustrating situation. Although I was desirous of minions, in reality it was highly unlikely to happen. So I relegated myself to the virtual world of minions. I’m not a huge fan of Disney-Pixar’s animated movies. This time, however, my kids ensured that I would accompany them to watch the latest ‘cartoon’. Not having watched ‘Despicable Me’ prior ...

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Can the minions compete with Despicable Me all by their mischievous yellow-selves?

After appearing as the henchmen and later as sidekicks of super evil felonious Guru in Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 respectively, the little yellow-coloured, one-eyed, and two-eyed adorable creatures are back with their very own movie – Minions. The movie, however, begins during the era of the dinosaurs, and shows the minions travelling in herds over a period of centuries in search for an evil mastermind as their leader. However, the minions are not that fortunate because all classic masters who they wanted to serve meet a tragic end. Watching these villains on the screen will surely make you feel like travelling back in ...

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