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Will the Nokia-Microsoft partnership work?

For 10 years Nokia dominated the smartphone industry. But in the fourth quarter of 2010, Android overtook Symbian as the most used smartphone operating system (OS) for the first time. This may not come as a shock but if you look back a year, you’ll notice that at the end of 2009 Nokia had 44 per cent of the market share while Android had a mere 9 per cent. How did Nokia react to this? Simple: they killed Symbian. The start of Symbian’s troubles Since the iPhone brought about the touch revolution, Symbian looked like it was in trouble. Nokia first embraced this fact ...

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The Microsoft phone: Just not good enough?

Is the new Microsoft phone going to take over the market? Is it going to dominate the Apple iPhone and Android? Or maybe stop Blackberry OS 6 from taking over? Can Microsoft rule the industry once again? These are all the questions people are asking about the new mobile platform announced by Microsoft. The Windows Phone 7 will be used by manufacturers such as HTC, LG, Dell and Samsung in their new devices. Let’s try to answer a few of these questions by looking at some of the features this newest mobile platform has to offer. Homescreen Microsoft has made a very clean ...

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