Stories about McDonalds

This is an ‘Islamic’ republic: You can’t sit next to your wife!

If you thought that of all the places to eat in Pakistan, McDonalds would be relatively safe from extreme behaviour, falsely made in the name of religion, sadly, you would be quite wrong. Unfortunately, I just found this out the hard way, and in an incident that left a worse taste in my mouth than the culinary abortions the burger joint had on offer. Just yesterday, a little after midnight on Sunday, my wife and I, coming back from a friend’s birthday party, decided to stop at Karachi’s newest McDonald’s restaurant at Defence Phase 1 for some Diet Coke. Rather ...

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A burger to blow your taste buds away

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Mr Anonymous, the first person to actually think of putting a meat patty and a compendium of assortments (cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions being the most common) in between a bun. Genius! Little did he know that, what he had created would, end up being a global fast-food phenomenon. Beef or vegetarian, tofu or chicken – the options are endless. Here’s a time-tested recipe that will make you forget all about the famous Big Mac you get at McDonalds. Unlike the aforementioned burger, this patty has a rich flavor served with a sauce ...

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