Stories about Marvel Comics

X-Men: Days of Future Past is the best X-Men movie yet!

Many people are comparing the newly released X-Men: Days of Future Past to Bryan Singer’s previous trilogy, which had hit the screens almost a decade ago. This comparison is kind of unfair, since the same visuals and special effects couldn’t possibly have been present in the early 2000s. What can be compared, however, is their entertainment level. And was the Days of Future Past better than the X-Men trilogy? Yes, by a record margin. The past few X-Men movies haven’t received the same international fame or attention as Marvel’s other movies have. Sure, The Wolverine did make amends for the ...

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We have our own ‘Muslim’ Marvel super hero!

As rumour has it, Marvel Comics, while endeavouring to diversify, will soon be introducing a series of comics whose lead character will be a teenage Muslim girl from Jersey City, named Kamala Khan. Code name: Ms Marvel. Surprised? Probably a little bit. But was this expected after the success of the Burka Avenger chronicles? I think so. As Kamala discovers her ‘shape-changing’ super powers, she has to face adversaries like her conservative family among others. Her family is portrayed as a typical (or so they claim) Muslim family with an extremely conservative brother, a mother who thinks Kamala will get pregnant ...

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Spider-Man: If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be me

Life is hard to explain to say the least. Being good doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will work out well. In fact, it almost never does. Reality hits you hard but you have to keep your chin up and move on. These are the life’s lessons I learned, neither from my father nor from my high school teacher. I learned them from the amazing Spider-Man. But to be precise, this article is not about Spider-Man per se. It’s about the guy behind the mask. You know, the nerdy and not so popular Peter Parker. Growing up, I was never a confident ...

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