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Sherlock – Season 4: “The game is afoot”

After the success of the first three seasons, Sherlock came back with a fourth season. For those of us who have been living under a rock these past few seasons, the highly anticipated and popular British Broadcasting Company Television (BBC TV) drama series is based on the character from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s series of crime-fiction novels. It accounts the peculiar yet ingenious investigation techniques of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. In the previous three seasons, his erratic yet ‘high functioning sociopath’ behaviour has earned him quite the reputation, one that is both positive and notorious, and this fourth season is no different. This time around, both Sherlock Holmes (Benedict ...

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Sherlock S04E01: Back… with a whimper!

If you thought with 2016 over, the infamous celebrity death streak would show some signs of abating, then think again. Twenty-seventeen was not even a day old and the celeb version of the Grim Reaper was back with a bang. Princess Leia’s untimely demise was sad but Sherlock becoming the first shock casualty of this new year was totally gut-wrenching. A whole goddamn year I waited for him. He even arrived; munching on ginger nuts and nonchalantly tweeting about his liberating recall from a certain inevitable fatal assignment, while his murderous excursions were being brushed under the rug by the MI6. I was getting in the ...

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