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Kalyan Das temple: An abandoned shelter for the blind

A trek through the old areas of Rawalpindi reveals many examples of ancient architecture; silent testimonies of our heritage, narrating tales of our past and stories of our land. Unfortunately, these exponents of our history are in a state of utter neglect. And a cry out for immediate attention by the authorities is much needed. In the middle of the area that is commonly known as Kohati Bazaar, one can see the dome of a temple which is almost hidden by the high walls of an academic institution. Here stands one of the beautiful, historic landmarks of the city: Kalyan ...

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Pakistan’s long forgotten Hindu temples and Gurdwaras

The partition of India was based on the premise that a Bengali Muslim would be able to identify with the sorrows and issues of a Punjabi Muslim more than a Bengali Hindu. Of course, that was a vicious and diabolic notion because I believe that culture and heritage stand above religion. I recently visited the dilapidated temples and gurdwaras of Rawalpindi and realised that the city still sings of her secular past. The entrance to a temple in Gunjmandi. Photo: Shiraz Hassan In the early 19th century, the British made Rawalpindi the central seat of military power as they aimed towards Afghanistan. This was in line with ...

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