Stories about malnourished children

Why is breast milk being substituted with formula?

Human beings are probably the only mammals on earth not benefiting from the precious elixir of life – breast milk. The epidemic of bottle feeding, powerful marketing by milk companies and unjustified formula feed prescriptions portray breast milk substitutes as power packed energy sources. Moreover, everyone is looking to benefit from these useless powders instead of the precious gift of nature. Breast milk is the first form of immunisation for a child and it is a potent caloric source that is in accordance with the need of the baby with no risk of contamination and, the best part is, it doesn’t cost a penny. From ...

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To the teen moms of rural Punjab

 A teenager’s angst at not being able to conceive is not something many of us are familiar with. “Why should it surprise me, though?” I thought to myself, as I overheard the conversation between my mother and this teenager. We were in our village home where she had come to pay my mother a visit. Her pale skin, devoid of any youthful glow, was sticking tightly to her small bone structure, making her look malnourished. She must be around 16 or 17-years-old, but she’s been married for a couple of years. “I have been to the gynaecologist, and I’m not sure what kind of problem ...

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An open letter to the Sindh Chief Minister: Tharparkar needs you, Sir

Dear Sir, I wonder how you sleep at night, because I am, honestly, having a tough time sleeping peacefully these days. I have visited Tharparkar a few times. And every time I came back, it took me a long time to get the images of Tharparkar out of my system. You and your government, Sir, have visited one too many times. These people have voted for you and trusted you. I wonder how you get those images out of your system. I will not be unfair. So I have to say that visits to interior Sindh have told me enough to say ...

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