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Cauliflower pizza: It may be peculiar but will be your new favourite

  My original recipe of this nutrient-rich, grain and gluten-free pizza is made from cauliflower instead of flour. Trust me, this recipe is surprisingly delicious. It is a healthy vegetarian recipe not involving bread dough and can be made with any favourite sauce and toppings. This makes for a healthy nutritious meal that we can enjoy with family and friends. Using vegetables has been a growing trend when it comes to people wanting to maintain a healthy life style. It is the best part of a balanced diet, as well as brings transformation to our entrenched ways of cooking and dining. However, cooking vegetables in ...

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Shed those pounds: 10 easy tips that guarantee weight loss!

Everyone wants to look smart and slender. But most of us have extra pounds which we want to get rid of. All those nights of binge eating and food therapy will catch up with you eventually. I’m always looking for tips to get rid of that extra weight. We need to remember that there is no short cut to losing weight, even though it takes less time to gain it and more time to shed off those pounds. We have to work and be patient about the results. We can be assured of results, but to expect these results to be ...

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