Stories about love stories

Wedding bells

“My dress is going to be whiter than that cloud,” she said to me while we walked down the path in the park. The sky was clear except for a few cotton-sized clouds congregating above us. She pointed at them as she spoke, “It’s going to have this braid that flows down my gown and a net on my back. You’ll like that won’t you?” The sun was playing a mischievous game of hide and seek with the clouds as I tried to envision the gown in my head. “You really want that braid?” I asked. “Yes!” she exclaimed and let go ...

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Blind date, beauty or beast?

Beauty and the not so beast Saira is once divorced, twice married. Her second marriage is to her best friend, and this is a tumultuous one too. She claims that she knew the man extremely well before tying the knot but can’t seem to come to terms with his baggage or beastliness, whatever you may prefer to call it. She occasionally thinks of walking away from this marriage too. Sophia, on the other hand, married a man who she was introduced to through friends. They met a few times at her house, went out once and decided to get engaged. They have been ...

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