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Why Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol is the best love song of the 21st century

It’s unmistakably apparent. When the two notes alternate between E and A, you know what you’re listening to. When the breathy vocals fill in the void between the alternating notes, you know what you’re listening to. When the repetitive questions are asked in the chorus, without once naming the song, you know what you’re listening to. It’s instantly recognisable. Nothing else sounds like it. This is the power of the best love song written in the 21st century. Better than the earnest Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars, better than the icy warm words of Perfect by Ed Sheeran, or the ...

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Eye To Eye: The music video that won the internet

Have you ever been in love so madly that you felt like no one has ever loved the same way before? Well, get the fat out of your head because you lose. Someone has loved like you never can… It is a “genyin killasic” (genuine classic) love that you are yet to experience. This love isn’t the kiss-and-cuddle kind. It is very modern and a lot like Bluetooth technology, because you can feel it transferring from a distance only between two pairs of eyes. This love is Eye To Eye by Taher Shah. Accessorised like the true diva that he is, ...

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