Stories about loss

Flight ED202: Closer to home

What made the plane crash of July 28 different from all the other numerous tragedies – suicide blasts, floods, the war in the north – to recently befall Pakistan? This is one question on many people’s minds. On the day of the crash at least 80 other deaths took place in our country. Deaths not related to the crash. Yet this one incident took precedence not only in media coverage – do reporters run to the houses of victims’ families after every suicide blast or drone attack? — but also in the hearts and minds of those around me. The ...

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What are we worth?

I knew six of the 152 passengers and crew on the ill-fated Air Blue Flight 202 personally. They were friends – not very close – but friends nonetheless. Two more among the passengers I didn’t know in person, but knew about. The initial news had shocked me to the core. Until then, I wasn’t aware my friends were on board and I watched the national tragedy like the rest of Pakistan on television. The messages of the deaths started to pour in late afternoon, when the news spread from family to relatives and then friends. Four of the crew members were ...

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