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Dear Indian media, please stop spreading hate

Last night I was able to catch a quick glimpse of the news that is being broadcasted in India currently. Since the alleged cross border raid by Pakistani forces that left two Indian soldiers dead, there has been much speculation. Barkha Dutt, an Indian journalist fairly well known on this side of the border, read out a very tense, stern, hyped-up monologue that set the tone for her entire show. Her emphasis, time and again, on the “unprovoked” aggression from the Pakistani side as well as the “gruesome” and “horrific” nature of the attack stood out. Unprovoked because the Indian Army was ...

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Pakistan and India do not care about Kashmiris

Ejaz Haider, in his recent opinion piece in The Express Tribune entitled ‘Some realist advice for Hafiz Saeed’ raised many a points about conflict, water, Kashmir and India–Pakistan. I am no fan of Hafiz Saeed, nor in any way do I condone his acts, but some realism was missed in Mr Ejaz’s article. “The Indus Waters Treaty has worked very well so far,” he states. Worked well for whom, dare I ask? It may be working well for India and Pakistan but can the same be said about Kashmiris, the people who had the first right of use on these waters, a right which stands deprived for ...

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