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Hearty and healthy lentil soup with oatmeal

A big part of my daily routine is planning a meal menu which is both nutritious and savoury. With this in mind, I created my original heart-healthy lentil soup with oatmeal. This is an adaptation of the Lebanese lentil soup ‘shorbat adas’. However, my recipe has oats, lentils and a mixture of aromatic spices in it too.  I love this recipe as it is great comfort food with a mild flavour which satisfies the palate as well. All I need to do is combine raw lentils, oatmeal and fresh tomatoes with some traditional spices. I leave it on the stove ...

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While jingle bells are ringing, devour this scrumptious Christmas meal with your loved ones

The festive season is entering its prime the world-over; a time when it is easy to overindulge and get out of your fitness routine. Plus, whether you are catering for herds of family members or serving up an intimate spread, preparing food during these times can be super stressful. And so, it’s better to be equipped with easy, tried-and-tested recipes since a state of blind panic can quickly ensue in case things go wrong when cooking for a gathering! Plus, it is winters and the weather demands something warm and filling. Quick, easy and filling, this is my go-to three course meal ...

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A delicious post-workout protein shake that brings out the glow in you!

After a workout this blueberry, lemon and vanilla protein shake is total bliss for glow getters! I started adding lemon and blueberries to my protein shake so had to share the recipe. I like certain words a lot, for example vitality and bliss. They are my quirky versions of yin and yang, so I suppose in the coming weeks there will be an emphasis on these two things. I’ve had about one green smoothie so far this year and though I should probably have one or two more, adding loads of greens to my plate albeit in the form of pesto or ...

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