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With Donald Trump’s travel ban 3.0, is America any safer?

Today, the Supreme Court allowed President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban to be fully enforced. This ban restricts visas from eight countries, including six Muslim-majority nations. The premise: ‘national security’. But does such a ban really make Americans safer? Here are five points all Americans need to understand. 1. Religious extremism, not Islam, is the real threat There is no denying the fact that religious extremists, and terrorist groups like the Islamic State (IS), pose a grave threat to the United States. These groups pervert religion for ulterior geo-political agendas. Their violent rhetoric – advocating for the killing of homosexuals, ‘blasphemers’, apostates and anyone who disagrees with ...

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Divided States of America: Donald Trump will not condemn the Charlottesville attackers because they are the ones who voted for him

Donald Trump’s vicious win as the 45th president of the United States caused quite an upheaval in the country. He spoke outrageously and millions applauded. However, in wake of the recent Charlottesville, Virginia tragedy, a new wave of hate crimes and violence has taken charge – and it is doing us more harm than good. The incident in Charlottesville is a perfect example of it. However, this time it shook me to my bones as the tragic event took place in my home state, Virginia. A group of anti-far right protesters gathered in Charlottesville for a demonstration which ultimately led to an innocent civilian’s death, and ...

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Trump’s hate-mongering will not have the last laugh

Hate, war and fear-mongering are the words that aptly describe the 2016 Republican presidential campaign with Donald Trump being the star of the show. Yes, Trump, the same individual who has pushed the electoral process to disastrous limits and pulled the very concept of democracy to deepest of bizarrely disruptive depths never witnessed in modern US history. Growing up we were told not to run our mouths. It appears Trump’s elders never taught him basic etiquettes of life. Loose lips sink ships and through his verbal dysentery, Trump has created a volcanically toxic environment unleashing spirits that make people wonder if this is what American democracy has ...

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