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Is the Sana Safinaz campaign actually racist, or are we just selective of our outrage?

Social media may have been created for people to be more closely connected, but it would not be an overstatement to suggest that today it is largely just a tool for people to share their outrage with the world. The most recent case is of a new campaign launched by Sana Safinaz, where the models being surrounded by natives of the Maasai tribe in Africa has generated a lot of backlash on social media. The response has been unprecedented, with people suggesting this is blatant racism and is exploiting the culture of the native tribes. Of course, many marketing campaigns have ...

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Dear Vogue India, we don’t need fashion magazines to remind us of colonisation

No woman across the world would hear the words, “women’s fashion bible” and not equate them with the most eminent fashion magazine globally, Vogue. Today, Vogue is not just a fashion magazine but a source of inspiration for women across the planet. One of the most significant aspects about the magazine (published in 23 countries) is that it has become a synonym of women empowerment, their individuality, their success, and also a testament of how important they are and how far they can go. Apparently, Vogue presents that exclusive world. It is a voice that talks to millions of women. The magazine was launched in India 10 years ago to ...

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The problem lies not within the Pepsi advertisement but with us

Maybe Kendell Jenner and the marketing department at Pepsi could have gotten away with their new advertisement if they had decided to air it on April 1st instead of April 4th. The backlash it received was enormous. So what exactly happened there? Well, it was just another company using several attractive people of different cultures and creed to sell their product. Was it something that has never happened before? Of course not! All corporate set-ups, industries and businesses have done this countless times. Then why has it become a matter of offence and a subject of absolute ridicule? The answer is one word ...

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