Stories about Katas Raj Temples

Can Pakistan ever be a minority-friendly country?

Both January 11th news items were almost conjoined. Or like reading the mirror-written ecnalubma (mirror image of the word ‘ambulance’ written in front of ambulances) and getting it right as ambulance in the rear-view mirror. The Guardian carried a report, titled ‘Christians in India increasingly under attack, study shows’, in which Pakistan ranks fourth on the list of the 50 countries where persecution is worst for Christians. APP reported that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reached out to minorities in a speech at the sacred 900-year-old Katas Raj Hindu temples in Pakistan where he said: “The day is not far when Pakistan ...

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Five lessons that cycling in Pakistan is teaching me about life

After visiting a friend in Bombay who cycles nearly every morning (at 4:30am), I decided I wanted to try something similar in Pakistan. Although I haven’t managed the 4:30am part yet, I have been learning some interesting lessons from cycling, particularly on a Thanksgiving ride to the breath-taking Katas Raj Temples. 1. It’s not as far (or as impossible) as we think When I was initially thinking about riding to Katas Raj, I was pretty worried that I might be too tired for the 60 kilometres ride. After thinking about it for an embarrassing amount of time, I finally overcame this ...

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Katas Raj Temple: Bringing religions and histories together

There is a Brahmanical story which says that Shiva was so inconsolable over the death of his wife Sati that the tears literally ‘rained from his eyes’ and ultimately transformed into a holy pool outside the Katas Raj Temple. It is said that Shiva and Sati spent some of their marital life here. The holy temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and is mentioned in Mahabharta as well. The fascinating part is that these are several temples built on a single piece of land close to one another. This complex is situated in Katas village, 40 kilometres from the Chakwal district of Punjab. Recently, ...

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