Stories about Kamran Akmal

Team Green: Consistently losing

For years Pakistani cricket fans have been asking for a bit of consistency. Well, they say to be careful what you wish for because we finally have got some!  Sadly, it’s not the kind of consistency we wanted. After Wednesday’s T20 loss to South Africa, we have now lost four consecutive T20 matches. But the true measure of our consistency comes from the details of the results. Our last four T20 match (2 against South Africa, and 2 against England) results read like this: loss by 6 wickets loss by 6 wickets loss by 6 wickets loss by 5 wickets There was a time when if ...

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Victory over the Aussies, despite ourselves

Let’s be clear about this: we did almost everything in our power to throw that game away. Pakistan, over the last year in a particular, but throughout its cricketing history, has made a habit of contriving to lose from the most dominant of positions. That we got away with it on Saturday morning doesn’t mean that our batting has emerged from the (mostly self-inflicted) psychological trauma of the last few years of Test cricket. Like a demented 3-year-old with a pair of gardening shears, Pakistani batsmen seem to take some sort of perverse pleasure in getting to the very brink ...

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