Stories about Kabul

Election time in Afghanistan

As most of urban and a large part of rural Afghanistan prepares for elections, the Taliban have once again made it clear just how they feel about the polls. With hours to go before ballots are to be cast the Taliban have kidnapped Abdul Rahman Hayat, one of 2,500 candidates running for the parliamentary elections on September 18, 2010.  The news was confirmed when Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid sent a text message to AFP reporter stating: “We have kidnapped Hayatullah Hayat.” The Taliban have also been blamed for the kidnap of eighteen workers in Baghdis province. It is no secret that the ...

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Adventures in Oslo: Part 2

My gorgeous red Jafferjees handbag (yes, the one that makes me drool) containing passports, my ID card, tickets, wallet, credit cards and all my money was stolen in Oslo this afternoon and my travel insurance does not cover loss of passport or personal items. Other than that rather unfortunate incident at the Oslo Town Hall, it was a very interesting start to the trip. Angels in Norway Mudassir’s suitcase still hadn’t arrived at breakfast so no mics or tapes. We munched through our salmon and smoked mackerel and heaps of cheese and tried to figure out what to do. Just then Carsten, ...

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Forging a roadmap for peace in Afghanistan

General Stanley McChrystal, commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan has once again arrived in Pakistan to “provide an update on International Security Assistance Forces’ operations in Afghanistan,” reads the handout by the American Embassy in Islamabad.  Hardly any substantial information leaks from the garrison city of Rawalpindi of the meetings by General Kiyani and his visitors, except for stories filed from Washington by the New York Times or Washington Post. In a few days the papers will report on how much General Stanley McChrystal appreciated the sacrifices of the Pakistan army but it must do more and flush out ...

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