Stories about Junaid Jamshed

Vital Signs: The soundtrack of my memories

Talking to one of my old friends, my pal of 21 years, and sharing some pictures from 1994 to 1998 with him, something really interesting struck me. My memories have a soundtrack. In simple words, each time I think of my school and college life, I hear background music; beautiful melodies of the days gone by but fresh in my memory forever. And not surprisingly, all of them are from the one and only, Vital Signs. It was in the fall of 1987 or ’88 when I first heard Dil Dil Pakistan. A school friend came to me one morning during break-time with her fancy new ‘walkman’ (remember those? Such a ...

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Why I am not impressed by ‘Naya Pakistan’

These are dark and trying times for Pakistan. Violence, sectarian conflict and political turmoil have led the people of this country to the brink of a ‘national nervous breakdown’. We sometimes need a hug, even if it’s in the form of a song. On paper, it is the perfect time, thus, for a song like “Naya Pakistan” to mark its place in the hearts of patriots who have lost hope and faith in a Pakistan that was once fought very hard for. Musically, the song has a great introduction, a good beat and strong guitar solos. Junaid Jamshed’s voice sets the tone ...

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Rakhi Sawant and Aamir Liaquat: Whither media ethics?

What do Rakhi Sawant and Aamir Liaquat Hussain have in common? Both are given to hectoring, passing arbitrary judgements and being shameless to the core. Perhaps the only difference between the two is that while the holier than thou TV anchor uses the religion card to ensnare the indiscreet and undiscerning viewer, the brassy Rakhi Sawant resorts to shock and awe tactics. Now, both have another point of similarity: murder allegations. With this Bollywood item girl’s messy track record, it is indeed surprising that NDTV thought it appropriate to hand her a reality show on a platter. Rakhi is seen in the role of a ...

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