Stories about jihad

Times are tough, but we are tougher

We are living in turbulent times where only an excuse is needed to start a killing spree. Be it in the name of religion, national security or revenge. Pakistanis have never felt less secure than they do at present, because anything can happen at any time which can affect their welfare. The terrorists blow themselves up at whim whenever they deem fit with only one ultimate aim to have as many casualties as possible. There is terror and bloodshed at every turn, be it at our own hands or at the hands of external forces. Although no one doubts that ...

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Finding your inner Talib(an)

Sitting atop a mound and looking at the melee in the dusty streets, a student asks his teacher a question. Student: Who are the Taliban? Teacher: They are people with long beards (some with fake ones) and long locks. Guns are slung from their shoulders, their hands are full of grenades and they wear jackets that can blow people around them to smithereens. Student: Why do they kill people and themselves? Teacher: They want to Islamize society and the people. Student: Through terror? Teacher: They know no other way of doing it. Student: Why do the people of Swat deserve such brutal treatment? Teacher: They used to ...

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