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Dull and unfocused, Bird Box is no better than a recycled mix of The Happening and A Quiet Place

Post-apocalyptic movies are a dime a dozen in Hollywood these days. For some reason, this seems to be the latest genre that Hollywood is intent on milking for every buck. Chances are, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, particularly the post-apocalyptic movies that see a group of survivors (from basically every demographic) band together to fight off an evil force, as humanity faces extinction. Be it zombies, monsters, aliens, giant-sized insects or in the case of The Happening, plants. While there is nothing wrong with the genre itself, Hollywood’s approach to making mainstream post-apocalyptic blockbusters remains largely the same ...

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Does ‘Life of the Party’ have what it takes to be the next ‘Bridesmaids’?

Actress Melissa McCarthy’s cinematic collaborations with her husband, filmmaker Ben Falcone, may not have impressed critics thus far, but their movies have seen enough financial success to inspire the couple to continue making more comedies together. Their new project is the upcoming Life of the Party, another offering from the duo’s production company, On the Day. The pair is firmly in charge of this vehicle – the film has been directed by Falcone, written by Falcone and McCarthy, and stars McCarthy in the lead role. The protagonist is Deanna (McCarthy), a 40-something woman in the process of getting a divorce from ...

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