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10 torturous Bollywood movies of 2017 that made us question our will to live

  Every year, Bollywood has an abundance of releases. While there are some movies that stay with us for the rest of our lives, there are some which, due to their horridness, can instantly send us into a state of coma. We will be looking at the top 10 most absurd Bollywood movies of 2017. Please remember that this list includes movies that had a well-known and talented cast, a decent enough budget, high expectations and a wide release. These movies successfully tortured the audiences and made us question our own will to live. 10. Golmaal Again When you know Rohit Shetty is ...

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Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Sridevi – Is there a void beyond the L-word in Bollywood?

Once he gets over how annoying she is, in every second shot, he stares at her as if to uncover her hidden magic, her power of bewitchment, her secret ability to make the ground shift beneath his feet. As he keeps up his pontification about how she must protect her virginal, doe-eyed, wild-haired self from his big bad sex-riddled being, she mocks him before sunset, and hugs him tighter than a cross-stitch at night. His discovery of good facets of his sinful soul is the culmination of her airy comments, her clueless maiden act, and her demure body trying to ...

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