Stories about Islamisation

Please help me; I’m all alone

When the ship sank, we swam ashore onto a beach, six of us men, and three women who quickly moved away. Conferring amongst ourselves we agreed that we should set off immediately to explore the place and see how best to return home. Even by climbing a tree and squinting into the distance we saw no sign of land or ship anywhere on the sea that surrounded us, nor any sign of life on this little island: no smoke, no huts, nothing. But there were trees all around. It was a bountiful land. Like a gigantic orange vitamin-C the sun sank into the ...

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Does saying ‘Ramadan’ over ‘Ramazan’ make you a better Muslim?

Since the last few years, the arrival of the holy month brings with it the ignition of a debate on social media in Pakistan. At the centre of this is the dispute over how to pronounce the name of this month; should we use the Urdu word ‘Ramzan’ or the Arabic word ‘Ramadan’? Here are a few tweets regarding this matter: Beena Sarwar: @beenasarwar You can call the holy month what you want. I’ll use Ramzan, rather than the corporatised, commercialised, Arabised, westernised Ramadan. Fazeelat Aslam: @FazeelatAslam If you’re Pakistani say Ramzan. If you enjoy continuing Zia’s mission and being a lemming, please say Ramadan. #lemmings AM: @delhisultan Today we ...

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The conservatives and politics of fear

On Saturday, December 18, the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, that was to create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States (US) as children, failed to push through the Senate. Although at the outset, the DREAM Act had strong bipartisan support, as the mood of the country towards immigration shifted, Republican (and some Democrat) senators backtracked, terming the legislation as a backdoor amnesty for lawbreakers. These so-called lawbreakers are in fact, individuals who, through no volition of their own, entered and grew up in the US. America is the only ...

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