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Indian Premier League: Six weeks of pure delight

The fourth season of the Indian Premier League – the most glamorous league of cricket – kicked off on Friday. The game went down to the wire and confirmed Dhoni’s reputation as one of the shrewdest captains in the world of cricket today. You gotta love the IPL IPL was the brain child of Lalit Modi, and was born out of the commercialisation of cricket. The club design was adopted from football, where it has been successful for decades, and is now making money for players and the sport alike. Although it is a domestic league, IPL promises to bring players from different ...

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The price of politics in cricket

Last evening, I was watching the highlights of the World Twenty20 final of 2009 which Pakistan miraculously won against all odds. Still mesmerized by these magical nostalgic feelings, I changed the channel and found the pundits of cricket scrutinizing the current report by PCB highlighting “The new great game” being played in the dressing room by the players. Traditionally this was nothing new in the game of cricket. We have witnessed it in many forms in the 90’s as well, among the great Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Amir Sohail and others. This time it has mutated into its most deadly ...

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