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Did Coldplay’s video misappropriate India?

There has been some angst, both in the West and in India, about Coldplay’s latest and very beautiful video, Hymn For The Weekend. The video is being criticised by some for ‘cultural appropriation’. In this whole controversy, the west and the east have their own respective angles for their criticisms. In the west, the main argument behind the condemnation that some have expressed is that western artists should not incorporate popular art, imagery, looks, character types, and scenes representing the non-western world, because doing so constitutes an unethical appropriation of the cultural patrimony of the third-world ‘South’. This argument lacks substance. ...

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Would you buy Pakistan?

Marketing cannot be limited to individuals or enterprises. Pakistan is in dire need of a new image and nation branding can help build it. When Pakistan was conveniently paired with Afghanistan to form the so-called ‘Af-Pak’ region, world over people were made to think that both countries stand in the same line when it comes to infrastructure and economy. Richard Holbrooke was named as a common ambassador for the two countries by the United States and common policies began to take shape. Afghanistan is a drug-based economy that has no transport, communications or government structure. It has no signs of technology ...

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