Stories about in-laws

What makes a marriage tick?

Mess created by the construction of the Rapid Bus Transit System (RBTS) is testing the nerves of Lahorites these days. After braving several bumps on pot-holed roads, my car was stuck in a nightmarish traffic jam on Jail road. To vent my anger, I banged at the car’s steering, shouted loudly at the hawker selling coconut, and, then, mercifully, fixed my gaze at the horizon to empty myself of pent-up anger and frustration. The late autumn sun was low in the sky and kites were flying around it in concentric circles. The rhythmic flight of the birds, silhouetted against an orangish ...

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Ashen memories and the post divorce trauma

It was devastating and something I never believed would ever happen to me in my life. Yet, it occurred and left me in a paradigm of depression and frustration. Yes, I am someone who had to go through the painful moments of the divorce process. Since the process involved my 1.5-year-old child as well, it was all the more difficult an ordeal to handle. That was the time I lost all interest in life. I stopped going to work, barred myself from socialising and spent most of the time locked up in my room at home. In Pakistan, divorce is ...

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Tooba Imtiaz: Were her in-laws to blame?

The month of October brings heat, dust and the promise of a soon to come winter. It also brings with it the sad memory of a vibrant rose bud whose life was ruthlessly cut short. It has been a year since the young and beautiful Tooba Imtiaz left this world forever. Last October, Tooba was found dead at her in-laws house in Karachi. She was 23-years-old and pregnant. After her tragic death, Tooba lived on in the hearts of her two brothers and her widowed mother. Speculation has it that Tooba was murdered by her own husband and her father-in-law, but ...

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