Stories about IMF

Lawmakers annoyed at Senate-heavy cabinet

Almost all newspapers carried an almost identical and startling news report on Monday morning: during his ongoing meetings with IMF managers in Washington, Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh accused public representatives of blocking progress on the reforms package that his predecessor had negotiated with global financiers. The statement attributed to him sounded ominous, if you recall a statement that none other than President Zardari had made in Larkana earlier this month. Addressing a party workers’ meeting on the death anniversary of the PPP’s founder chairman, he revealed that the makers and breakers of governments in this country were now discussing the ...

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Power crisis: The road to impending doom

The nation faces a severe power crisis yet again, not entirely unanticipated, as summers draw to their summit. Because of the frequent outages and prolonged load shedding hours, the masses are already on the streets, violently recording their protest. The disruption has also adversely affected commercial activity and industrial production all around the nation and the losses have accumulated to deteriorate national economic indexes. The governmental policy of two-day weekends and the 8pm shutter down have not fared well as the masses continue to express their anger against such short-term measures. It has also pushed ground-level commercial actors, the shopkeepers, ...

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Dilemma: Only 1.7m pay taxes in Pakistan

As always, we have to blame the other for our actions. No wonder Pakistan is at the verge of being globally labelled as a “failed state” and many countries do not want to be diplomatically associated with it. Conspiracy theories are something we live for, and do not even have the courage to verify. Most conspiracy theories come from sources who feed on propaganda purposely or only for “speaking the public’s language”. But we will not learn and be truthful to ourselves. Because we just like believing in them. The media is talking about Pakistanis not paying taxes, that only 1.7 ...

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