Stories about hope

Shabana’s baby didn’t have to die

Shabana, a resident of Jampur gave birth to baby boy on a charpoy kept beside the road, aided only by her mother-in-law. The women had no medicines and the environment was far from sterile. The new born only survived a few hours and now Shabana’s health is deteriorating every day. Despite the challenges her family stubbornly refuses to move to a camp simply because they don’t want to move any further away from the ruins of what was once their home. Unfortunately, the plight of expectant mothers in the flood zone has not been discussed enough. According to the World Health ...

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Packaging hope in the flood crisis

Reminiscent of the spirit of volunteerism witnessed in the wake of the 2005 earthquake, scores of youngsters are gathering at Imperial Lawn at Shahrah-i-Faisal since the past two weeks to pitch in their part to help the 20 million affected by the floods that have wreaked havoc across the country. The spirit at the ground where packing of relief goods was taking place was infectious. One was automatically drawn into the swarm of people who were moving about in circles collecting supplies from the stalls lined around the ground and depositing them at the packaging table. To use the words of ...

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Weltschmerz, the sorrow experienced

The other day, the information secretary of a very prominent political party was asked what she thought of the criticism her party faced from young people on websites, airing views that werent particularly complementary. Her response was to simply point the finger the other way, blaming them for their “abusive language”, and dismissing their arguments as superfluous. And they have the nerve to call us deluded. This is what the youth of this country have to face. Every day is another battle for our sanity as we experience a way of life besieged with crises upon crises. We see our people ...

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