Stories about Hong Kong

Civil disobedience in Hong Kong: A lesson for Imran Khan

Hong Kong has recently seen a wave of peaceful protests organised by pro-democracy activists. These protests have been countered by the pro-Beijing rally, which demonstrated how divided the city is over this issue. In order to understand how this protest came about, one needs to step back and assess Hong Kong’s history with China. One country, two systems Hong Kong was a former British colony that was handed over to China in 1997. Since then, China has governed Hong Kong under the principle of ‘one country, two systems’, where Hong Kong – defined as a Special Administrative Region of China – is given a ...

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Life in Hong Kong: Run or get out of the way!

It’s got a buzz, no doubt; In Hong Kong, there’s always activity everywhere. Hong Kong is basically a confusion of trends between China and the Western world. Life here is extremely fast paced and people are often rude because they are hurrying off to another direction, are on the phone and hopping off of one train to jump on another bus to take another ferry where they will walk 20 minutes to reach their homes. I’m not kidding. My own husband takes two trains and a bus to reach home every day. It’s just what life is like here. People are increasing in numbers ...

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