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Healthy, simple and scrumptious, try this roasted lemon chicken in au jus

For majority of us, one of our resolutions is to go on a healthy diet and reduce weight. The recipe today consists of roast chicken, balanced with a few simple ingredients with hardly any oil added. Along with mint lemonade that I’ve named ‘Le-Mint’, it complements the dish and leaves us feeling refreshed. So let’s get on it, shall we? For starters, you will have to marinade the chicken. Ingredients: Lime juice – 50 ml Honey – 1 tbsp Thyme – 2 tsp (finely chopped or use dry thyme) Rosemary – 2 tsp (finely chopped or use dry rosemary) Salt – adjust to taste Ground pepper – adjust to ...

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Lip-smacking, nutritious and quick, this grilled chicken is fit for a king!

Eating healthy can not only be boring, it can also be intimidating and expensive. However, if you minus the fancy stuff you see in trendy magazines, you will realise that good food is just simple food. Thus, I came across a recipe which I ended up becoming one of my favourites simply because it is delicious, nutritious and a super quick fix. The ingredients you will need are your everyday items lying around the house, and really, you can improvise with anything you like. The chicken breast, obviously, is the only real necessity, but the other ingredients can be a medley of whatever ...

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