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Too hot to handle? Beat the heat with these refreshing and delicious summer coolers

Is it just me or did spring completely skip Pakistan this year? Anyhow, summer 2017 is here, the lawn aunties are done squabbling over their purchases and school’s almost out. This is the season when it is especially important to stay hydrated for optimal health and of course beauty. Your body will crave more fluids as you are naturally perspiring more; sometimes I feel like a camel in the summer and just guzzle away fluids, which is saying something since I don’t get thirsty easily. Of course pure water is always the best, but if you are like me, a little flavour is ...

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You have fish but they keep dying? Here are 5 tricks to make sure your fish have longer lives!

People, who are passionate about keeping fish as pets lose heart in the hobby, as fish get infections easily or die unexpectedly. Many times, this happens because the aquarium is not well maintained. So an unclean aquarium leads to an unhappy fish, or sometimes dead ones. Fish keeping is like taking care of children; one needs to give them love and care, and be patient with them. Here are a few economical and easy fish keeping tips for all fish lovers out there: 1. Get an aquarium The first dilemma faced by fish keepers is the choice between a fish bowl and ...

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